When it comes to Water Damage Restoration, it is very important to work closely with a local company in Bethesda that can arrive on scene in time and also helps customers deal with their insurance companies. First of all, most restoration companies know from experience what it will take to clean and dry out a home that’s been smoke and water damaged. Insurance companies have dealt with Orange Flood in the past, and they know to put their customer needs first.
For help in dealing with Flood Basement issues, we will provide you help over the phone about what is safe and what isn’t in their do’s and don’ts section. Some of the don’ts include don’t use a vacuum on a wet floor; don’t turn on computers that have gotten water inside; don’t open and consume cans of food that have been covered with flood water, don’t allow pets to stay in a home that’s been flooded.

We specializes in modern technology, and provide technicians who are trained, certified, and who respond to emergency calls immediately. No one wants to wait on help when it feels like their lives are floating away in a flood. Choose a company that has helped countless other home and business owners get back on their feet, and up and running in no time at all.
Contact Orange Flood in Bethesda, MD today! For more information on your type of damage restoration, call 571-263-2207 to speak to a representative and get your home restored!