It’s only natural for homeowners to try and do something themselves while waiting for the restoration company to arrive in Sterling. Don’t do it. Leave well enough alone and wait for Orange Flood to do everything. The electricity may not be turned off which is extremely dangerous, bacteria will grow profusely, especially if the water damage is caused by a backed up sewer line. Floors may not be safe and ceilings could fall down on inhabitants of the structure. The home should be checked out thoroughly by the utility company and the fire company.

For help in dealing with Flood Basement issues, most of the restoration companies in Sterling have a website where people can read about what is safe and what isn’t in their do’s and don’ts section. Some of the don’ts include don’t use a vacuum on a wet floor; don’t turn on computers that have gotten water inside; don’t open and consume cans of food that have been covered with flood water, don’t allow pets to stay in a home that’s been flooded. Do get to a hotel where it’s clean and dry to take care of family and pets. If the water damage is because of a leak that’s been taken care, always put aluminum foil underneath furniture legs to protect any carpeting that isn’t fully destroyed and that is going to be dried out.

Our company works with all the insurances that are used in Sterling. Contact Orange Flood today! For more information call 571-263-2207 to speak to a representative and get your home dried!