Great Falls

When the devastation of a fire or flood occurs in, it’s very difficult for a home or business owner to make needed decisions immediately. That’s why it’s so important they work closely with a local company in Great Falls that also helps customers deal with their insurance companies. Our company works with all the insurances that are served in the Great Falls Area. First of all, most restoration companies know from experience what it will take to clean and dry out a home that’s been smoke and water damaged. When insurance companies have dealt with restoration companies in the past, they know they put their customers needs first and foremost in getting them back to the position they were before the disaster took place.

After the premises are dried, they sanitize everything so that the home or business property smells even fresher than it did before the disaster. Water can also cause mildew and mold, and it takes a company knowledgeable and trained to remove it properly to ensure it won’t begin again. They will clean mold out of duct work and instruct the homeowner in the proper way to keep mold from taking hold again and returning. Warning bells regarding mold go off when companies find that the homeowner’s Basement Flooded and their possessions are soaking wet. Carpets and the underneath padding must be thrown away when they are water soaked since bacteria and mold grow very quickly.

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